What outfits should I bring with me?

I'd recommend bringing around 5-7 tops with you but you can never have too many choices so feel free to bring more! It's good to keep your colours neutral or something that will enhance of your eye colour. No logos or bold patterns - we want to make sure all the attention is on you! However, it's sometimes nice to play with a bright colour or your favourite patterned top so do bring it along as an option if you want to. Think about your casting type and the characters you can see yourself playing. If you're really stuck have a look through other people's headshots (or mine, obviously) and get some inspiration from other people!

Is there somewhere to change?

As we will be shooting on location there won't be anywhere to change so I suggest wearing a vest top under any tops you bring to make it easier (and warmer!) for you. Obviously you'll be fine if we're shooting in the studio!

How much makeup should I wear?

I would suggest a little foundation and concealer under the eyes and on any blemishes, something to fill in your eyebrows as well as giving them a brush through them too!), and a coat or two of mascara. Curling your lashes also makes quite a difference and makes your eyes look wider. (I noticed this from having my own headshots taken!) I'd hold off on the powder if you can or if you really want to use it try sticking to a finely milled loose powder. I am an experienced retoucher but it's a lot easier for me to reduce shininess than it is to smooth out any flaking from powder!

Can I shave half way through the session?

On studio shoots - Of course!
Location - Again, because we will be outside there won't be access to a bathroom so if you would like to do this you will have to provide an electric razor. I bring a travel mirror with me but it would be helpful for you to bring one just in case!

Do I pay after the session?

After paying the £50 deposit through Photo Workflow to secure the session I will send over an invoice for the package you've requested about 24hrs before the shoot. It makes things easier for me if you can pay before the session but will accept payments up to the end of the day of the shoot.

You're a retoucher? Can I send you un-edited shots to edit?
Yes! I charge £20 per image. However, it's very important to get the photographer's permission. I know a few people that have family members that are photographers but don't edit or are brave enough to take their own headshots when they have something come in last minute and I'm happy to help them! But photographers own the rights to their images so I can't touch them if they're not happy! If you are a Photographer and want a batch of images retouching please email me for a quote.

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