I am a Photographer, Retoucher and Actor based between North London and Warwickshire.

I have worked in many creative fields including working as an Edit Assistant for a TV production company and various fashion and media internships. After Retouching professionally for a fashion brand and later freelancing for a total of 5 years I then decided to turn back to pursue my original dream of Acting. I gained a place on the Foundation Course at the Oxford School of Drama where I graduated in March 2019.

As an Actor, I know exactly how it feels to be in front of the camera and know how important it is to be at ease. I want those that I work with to look and feel their absolute best and I believe the best way to achieve that is to have fun!



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"It was a pleasure to shoot with Rosie. She is warm and friendly and made the whole experience fun and comfortable while still being thoroughly professional and ensuring that we covered every angle and type of shot that I was after. As an actor herself she fully understands what you need to create a great headshot and is excellent at drawing that out of her subject with subtle suggestions and encouragement or clear direction as necessary. I was delighted with my headshots, they cover a wide range of options but also feel very authentic and Rosie delivered them quickly and efficiently. Her clever use of the beautiful outdoor setting also means that one shoot delivers a number of different looks as some of the backgrounds look like a studio shoot while still making use of natural light. Rosie is top-notch at retouching too. I would highly recommend Rosie’s work." - Sally Vanderpump

"Rosie was responsible for my first and most current headshots, she made me feel at ease and comfortable alongside having excellent knowledge at which smiles/poses/positions will come out looking the best. Since having my headshots I have had many professionals in the industry ask me where I got my headshots from and request her information. On one occasion in LA a producer asked to see more of her headshots/work to which she genuinely replied ‘these are some of the best shots I’ve seen’. I cannot thank rosie enough for all she has done regarding my headshots and I cannot wait to work with her again in the future" - Oliver Woolf

"Thanks so much Rosie for such a stunning job and a wonderful, stress-free shoot!'"- Amy Sutton

"Rosie is Superb, I was so pleased with the results and had such a great time shooting with her. She's good at making you look great!" - Tom Summerill.

“Where to begin?! Rosie has an amazing way of capturing your character with her photos, whilst also providing such a diverse range of looks. Incredibly talented photographer/retoucher that I trust completely, and can’t wait to work with again!!” - Charlie Lyne

"Rosie is my re-touch Wonder Woman! Always there to save the day when I’m in need! Thank you SO much Rosie. You are an absolute GEM!" - Molly Keogh 

"Rosie is a photography goddess. Totally puts you at ease. Snap her up for your next set of actory snaps" - Vee Tames

“Rosie put me so at ease for my first ever portrait session. I’ve done a few since, and her photos are still by far my favourite ones! I cannot recommend her enough”  - Margot de Broglie

"Love my new headshots thanks to the supremely lovely Rosie Kernohan! Warm, relaxed, and really enjoyable shoot. Huge recommend" - Elle Dillon-Reams

"Rosie is lovely! Her sessions feel collaborative, relaxed and fun! The view from her window is a delightful slice of nature and working with Rosie was a pleasure. I'm so happy with my headshots - Thank you!" - Meg Lewis

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